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Along the front of the Dollhouse runs a tiny strip of garden, garishly painted in place during original manufacture by the toy firm, G. Okkerse.

The Dollhouse, located on a main route between Haarlem and Leiden, lies adjacent to the bulb-growing region of South Holland with the famous Dutch flower-fields on its doorstep.

The Painted Garden draws inspiration from the local horticultural environment and references the Dutch 17th Century tradition of floral still-life painting, assuming a place at the contemporary end of this art historical spectrum.

Each season the Dollhouse invites a Dutch botanical artist to consider the work of the artists occupying the Dollhouse, the flora and fruits of the season and, from these influences, create a botanical painting or drawing in The Painted Garden. The Painted garden was beautifully tended by Margriet Honingh during the Autumn 2018 season and by Gesine Beermann-Kielhöfer during the Winter 2018/19 season. To visit The Painted Garden online,

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