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This Autumn, members of

The Dollhouse Space staff undertook an intimate study of Michael Snow's 

'The Living Room' 16mm (2000) in preparation for a special screening of this film in the living room of their home in Heemstede, North Holland. 

'The Living Room in The Living Room: Preparatory Studies I-X + Bre[a]k[h]ages' issued from their research and engagement with this work.

Revelling in elements of slapstick comedy, these shorts are part homage to Snow's work, part research, part experiment, part physical enactment of a family dynamic and, finding slapstick an effective antidote to excesses of self-interest, they take a poke at contemporary notions of personal entitlement and self-importance.

Special Online Screening event: 'The Living Room in The Living Room in The Living Room' 

Friday 10th January 2020 at 20:30CET

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