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Who is/are The Counterfeiters and what is/are he/they doing in The Dollhouse Space?

The Counterfeiters are weighing up:


How does contemporary visuality engage with histories, collections and archives of the image?


Why should the museum and the institution delimit the histories, the signification and the authenticity of collections and archives of early photography?


What affect can speculation and a dissonant and limitless criticality impress on such diplomatics?


Where to commingle and where to reimagine these contemporary interventions and negotiations with early photography?

Declan Sheehan is a curator based in the Northernmost counties of Ireland. In a curatorial-practice-based PhD at Ulster University he is currently researching the museum collections, private collections and archives of the contemporaneous domestic and vernacular photographic practices of the amateur William Fee McKinney (1835 – 1917) and of the studio of James Glass (born 1847, died 1931); both active in Ulster, the Northernmost province of Ireland, in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Declan Sheehan has curated commissions and projects featuring artists, collectives and photographers including Mat Collishaw, Vivienne Dick, YoHa, Anne Tallentire, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Willie Doherty, Ana Vaz, Liam Gillick, Susan Philipz, Amanda Coogan, Susan Mac William, Resonance FM, Sean Hillen, Gilles Caron, Kai Wiedenhofer and many others; for galleries and museums across Ireland, the programme of the 2013 UK City of Culture, and festivals and events in Berlin and Madrid. He has been published in journals, catalogues and books in Ireland, UK, France, Australia and Italy. 

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