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Whisht so

(digital video with sound. Approx 3min running time. 2021)


The voice we hear wanders in an empty—perhaps abandoned—house. She believes in Asger Jorn’s emphasis of the embodied tongue, which takes the form of a Joycean excess of language. She has also heard that communication is being restricted to ever-evolving technological means. 

Concerned that the disembodiment of Zoom calls will result in the undoing of her vernacular she starts to hoard her words, gradually building an aural dwelling where words abound the house and splinter off the spindled stairs. 


This textual soundscape for The Dollhouse was created in order to bear witness to orality in these times of mass self-isolating.

In 2020 the DHS commissioned artist, long-time friend and collaborator, 

Siobhan Tattan, to create a new work for the space.

And so we are delighted to present her work: "Whisht so".

Siobhan's practice is concerned with the romantic as the individual who revels in the feeling of mystery and remoteness from everyday life. Loosely based on real people or events, her works restage the inner worlds of her subjects and offer fleeting encounters with their idiosyncrasies.

Siobhan was Artist in Residence at Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts, Kings College London and Kunsthuis SYB, Netherlands in 2017, and previously was Artist in Residence at De Ateliers, Amsterdam. Selected exhibitions include; ‘Repetition’ Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin; ‘New Wight Biennial LA’ UCLA New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles; ‘Lost and Found’ Smart Project Space, Amsterdam; and she had a solo show at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork. She received a BA Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design, MA Fine Art from Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London and PhD Fine Art from Middlesex University, London. She is co-founder of Leamlara Art Trail, an open-air contemporary art exhibition in rural East Cork.

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